Saturday, July 12, 2014

10 Things You Should Know About The Missus

 1. She makes our house a home and the Boy and I would be lost without her.   

Here she is painting trucks on our son’s bedroom walls shortly after we moved into our new house.

2. She lets the Boy and I know we’re important and loved.

 The boy getting ready to enjoy some heart-shaped french toast courtesy of his Mommy.

3. She’s beautiful. Here she is with my other sexy lady, Poppy.

4. She makes sure that milestones and events don’t go unnoticed. Here’s what greeted the Boy when he came home after his first day of school a few years back.

5. She makes hot chocolate when we come home on a rainy day.

6. She never ever finishes a glass of anything.   

7. No matter what’s she nuking, she always leaves a few seconds on the microwave. 
Me: “If you want to microwave something for 30 seconds, why do you enter 45 seconds?”.
The Missus: “I thought it would need 45 seconds, but at 30 seconds, I could feel that it was done.” 
You can’t just make this stuff up. 

 8. She writes a blog

 9. She develops awesome curriculum for teachers.

10. See hooks us up before she goes on a trip. Read about it here: Mommy is leaving for a Girls’ Weekend! 5 Tips to Make it Fun for Everyone


  1. The missus sounds quite perfect and think you are both so very lucky to have her ;)

  2. Ten reasons why it is so cool to be her “Bestie” (I am sure Candace would agree)
    1. Whatever we do, wherever we go… she says, “Sure, that sounds like fun” and means it!

    2. When you tell her a story, she cries with you, laughs with you, pulls her hair and screams with you…. or occasionally threatens to set herself on fire with you! (and means it)

    3. She sends little reminder texts about things we don’t even think to remember (but should)

    4. She is creative, articulate and downright wicked smart and still makes you feel like you are the smartest person in the room

    5. When she thinks something would be fun to do, she works her magic and viola…. It happens!

    6. She is an extremely thoughtful giver. As she shares a curriculum idea with me, she is literally handing me everything I need to make it happen. What a gift!

    7. She is very flexible, versatile and easy going and yet, still has a strong sense of style and fashion!

    8. She knows the difference between lines that can be crossed and lines that can be bent!

    9. She can turn a disaster into a symphony of well-designed order in record time (I call this the Supernova effect)

    10. She loves us… just the way we are!

  3. Replies
    1. What do you mean? I did have to hold the fort down for 4 whole days!

  4. WOW. Your wife is amazing.She put so much thought and energy into getting ready for her trip. I hope she had fun and came back recharged. I bet she missed you guys :)

    1. She is amazing! She did miss us, but we have her back in da house! :)

  5. You really can 'feel' when something's done in the microwave. I totally get it. :)
    Headed over to read about the weekend hookup.