Friday, January 31, 2014

"Mindful Parenting" by Kristen Race, Ph.D.

This book couldn't have gotten into my hands at a better time. The Missus and I have been running on fumes lately. We've been constantly running late, losing things, and forgetting tasks until they become a crisis. So, we've been reevaluating our commitments (we said we'd do what?), looking at how we're spending our time (are you still on Facebook?), and discovering that the things that are the most important to us aren't getting the time and attention they deserve. Like our marriage (what happened to date night?), our kiddo (how many hours has he played video games today?), and our home (where is? What happened to? Who made this mess?).
In walks Kristen Race (can you hear the choir of angels singing?), and her book "Mindful Parenting" which is all about being deliberate when it comes to family. Perfect.
What I appreciate most about this book is that Kristen isn't long on theory and short on specifics. While she does explain how we got to be so stressed out, how families and homes often aren't the places of solace our kids need, and the physiology of how are bodies respond to stress, she also gets down to the nitty-gritty of how families can be changed for the better. How about coming home to a family that's less stressed and more engaged? Sounds great, doesn't it?
My copy of Kristen's book is full of my notes, highlighting, and Post-it notes marking places I want to go back to- such as a plan for detoxing your kid from TV (page 64). Or, a challenge to parents to "hang up and hang out" with their kids by ditching the cellphone during family time (gulp!). There's a call to "unschedule" our kids (from soccer, baseball, karate, piano, etc.). Each area of focus has a "solutions" section full of tips and specifics that keep the reader from having to ask, "Ok, now what do I do about it?"
If slowing down and being thoughtful and deliberate with your family sounds just like what the doctor ordered, get yourself a copy of this book. And, I am just full of good news, you can win a copy of this book by entering the giveaway below:


  1. I would love to read this and see her thoughts on how to deal with stress and do indeed make more time for our families and loved ones. Thank you for sharing and totally entered your giveaway, too!! :)

    1. It's really a great book! Thanks for entering! Good luck! :)